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Welcome to Robomow

Creators of innovative and user-friendly robotic lawn mowers designed to join your home team and relieve you of the burden of mowing your lawn.

After 20 years in the robotic mower business, Robomows robotic lawn mowers are strong, fast and easy to use, guaranteeing For a user-friendly, garden-friendly and family friendly robotic lawn mower, learn about the various Robomow models and find the nearest store where you can purchase a Robomow robotic mower. Perfectly trimmed edges and complete coverage for any lawn of any size and shape. You can even control your lawn mower remotely using Robomow’s mobile app!

Robomow’s robotic lawn mowers offer the easiest, most time-saving and enjoyable alternative to the traditional activity of manual lawn mowing. Robomow’s robotic lawn mowers can be operated and controlled directly from the smartphone app, and they can mow your lawn safely and efficiently while you’re at work, on vacation or simply enjoying your free time. Robomow was founded in 1995, it was first called “Friendly Machines” and later was renamed “Friendly Robotics”. The first official Robomow model was introduced in 1998 and was well received by consumers. Over the years, Robomow developed more advanced and sophisticated robotic lawn mowers, and today’s mowers are faster, safer, stronger and easier to use. Today’s Robomow models divide into 3 categories: RS, RC and RX, with each category consisting of several models, designed to fit lawns in all types, sizes and weather conditions, and to answer all lawn owners’ specific needs. Robomow also prides itself in its dedicated support service, accompanying you from the first stages of choosing the most suitable Robomow model for your lawn and finding a Robomow store nearby, to the advanced stages of installation, operation, maintenance and troubleshooting.  

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